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The Problem

lightrite trainSearch Automotive Technologies, LLC (SAT) primary business is to introduce proven Automotive solutions to the commercial and consumer marketplace. LightRite™ was introduced as The premium headlight restoration technology in the category. A few years ago, vehicle manufacturers began switching over from glass headlights to an easily moldable, high – impact plastic called polycarbonate. This allowed for more creative front end designs. The polycarbonate lens was protected with a coating at the factory when new, but after several years would wear off due to exposure from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and other harsh contaminates, exposing the polycarbonate lens to the harsh environment of the road as well as the natural sunlight’s UV. This exposure would then cause the lens to become cloudy and faded, greatly reducing the optical illumination necessary to see safely at night as well as having a negative impact on the vehicles appearance.

The Need For A Second Generation Headlamp Repair Technology

The team that developed LightRite™ has been active in developing coating solutions for the automotive industry for over fifteen years prior to turning their attention to this issue. Most of the headlight repair kits on the market today are short term solutions that require repeated maintenance. This includes the buffing and polishing methods as well as the wipe on and brush on applications. Our team continually observed the same patterns; the products all had low or non existent UV protection, and extremely soft unlinked polymers, and ultimately did not last. Most of these applications greatly improve the appearance of the lenses immediately after application but become faded again in a short period of time. The other issues that concern the professional technician, is the long length of time and numerous steps or equipment needed to perform the service, and the length of time for curing.

The LightRite™ Difference

By contrast, LightRite™ is a very unique compound that was created to finally offer a long term solution to headlight restoration as well as addressing the other issues involved. LightRite™ was engineered with the most permanent UV-A absorbers available. No expense was spared in choosing the UVA / UVB package. The urethane acrylates we use have the highest cross link density available.
LightRite™ provides for chemical, water, heat, and abrasion resistance unlike any other product available, affording you the clearest, hardest, and most durable lens coating available. This formula is over 65% solids, which forms a coating that is superior to the original factory coating. The LightRite™ headlight restoration process is the quickest in the category with reduced steps and typically taking only 15 minutes from start to finish.


The LightRite™ formula is cured either by direct, natural sunlight or our custom made hand held wand. SAT’s UV curing wand will cure the LightRite™ coating in approximately one minute depending on the size of the lens and the vehicle may then be driven in inclimate weather. When using natural sunlight to cure, the lens finish will be tack free in approximately 10 minutes and the vehicle may be driven. The lens will continue to cure in the natural sunlight.

SAE Testing

Search Automotive Technologies, LLC has completed testing ( SAE J2527 2004-02 ) on our formula at Q-Labs in South Florida. Q-Labs is the primary independent lab used by the automotive industry to test their products for weathering. The test results again prove the long term efficacy of LightRite™. Competitive products do not release the results of any test. The LightRite™ test results are available to qualified parties upon request.